Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kate Tsui denies ousting Linda Chung

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui attended the press conference for "Sa Sa" recently. She was seen stroking and chatting with a white coloured horse. Kate explained that she has experiences filming with horses before especially for ancient series. Kate advised that horses need to be stroked and talked to so that they will not lose their temper.

Rumours are circulating that is was Kate who oust Linda Chung from getting a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for TVB's 41st Annual Awards. Kate denied that, "I don't know what criteria the judges has used to decide who would be nominated. Although I was nominated, I am only a side runner. As for the best actress award, I reckon Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim stand a good chance and Lee Heung Kam as the best supporting actress."

Original Translation: dragon@AsianEU

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