Monday, September 29, 2008

Raymond Lam, taking the music route

Raymond Lam has certainly come a long way, from acting in secondary roles to helming leading roles in TVB's mega productions. Now Raymond is out to silence critics - aside from being a succesful actor, he's just as good singing. Last year he released his debut album, vaguely translated as "Fond of Searching For You in Memories". Now a year later, he has just released his second album, Your Love.

Raymond Lam Interview

Although Raymond is busy filming series, he spends just as much time working on his second album, rest assured that there's no compromise in quality. This time around, the album features more music styles and variations although it still caries the same theme from the first album, love. Raymond said, "This time there will be different ways of performing, I discovered that I have a few different voices, actually I can sing like this. Additionally there are other new attempts, for example the first time singing a duet with Vincy Chan. Plus there are more fast tempo songs. In the past I thought it’s difficult to sing R & B in Cantonese, this time there is a little bit of R&B + Pop style, and it turned out pretty good. Also, this time I’ll sing a Mandarin song, it is my first time. In the future there’ll be more added, but at the moment Cantonese songs are the main priority."

Raymond Lam Interview

Recording for Your Love did not begin until Raymond has finished filming Moonlight Resonance. With his schedules so packed, rest is definitely a luxury for Raymond but this hardworking man will listen to demos and select songs for his album during breaks from filming. Raymond shares that his favourite place is his house, but ironically, it's where he spends the least of his time. The most important element in the house is his bed. "It’s used for resting, it needs to be big and comfortable. My bed takes up 1/3 of my room," says Raymond.

Raymond Lam Interview

Raymond admits that filming a series and singing have their own difficulties. Although it takes a longer time to film a series, you are allowed to make mistakes as you can have NG scenes, but when it comes to singing, mistakes are kept to a minimal level, as such the pressures are greater. It's also a plus for Raymond that TVB and his recording company, EEG are coordinating and working together so that he has to freedom to develop his talents.

Raymond is focused and shares his goals for the future, "For singing, I hope later on I will have dance songs. For acting, everyone wants to win awards because this is evidence of a person’s hard work. Plus it is a memorable item. But I hope I will only win after everyone accepts me. If I win but is not accepted by the majority, then definitely don’t give it to me.”

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