Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raymond Lam defends Moonlight Resonance against critics

Raymond Lam, who just came back from Malaysia for a promotional event for "Heart of Greed", attended Bridgestone's F1 Girl Car Racing Competition as a guest judge.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Promo

Recently, Michael Lai was said to have criticised Moonlight Resonance, saying that the series is primarily targeted at housewives. However, Raymond thinks differently. He says nowadays many young people are also becoming housewives, rushing home to catch the series, chasing new episodes. Raymond also said that the last time he heard people rushing back to watch series was when Heart of Greed was aired.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Promo

Raymond is reaping the fruits of his labour. After filming Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance, his workload has increased. He has work lined up until January, but Raymond is still modest, saying he needs to work harder as his goal is to buy a house.

Source: Mingpao, Wenweipao, On.CC, Takungpao
Original translation: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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